“Walk with Pets” Terms and Conditions

Be a considerate pet owner, by bringing your pet into Cyberport, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to follow the rules and regulations below:

  • Only domesticated pet dogs and cats (“Pet(s)”) are permitted to enter Cyberport. All other animals are prohibited, unless with prior written consent from Cyberport.
  • Pet(s) are permitted to walk or stay in the designated pet zone areas. All dogs are required to be on leash not longer than 1.5 meters in length. Additionally, dogs weighing 20kg or above must be securely muzzled and held on a leash.
  • Pet(s) should not be left unattended under any circumstances.
  • Pet Owners should ensure at all times that their Pet(s) are under proper control while at Cyberport. They shall prevent their Pet(s) from making excessive noise, and are effectively restrained from causing nuisance or danger to others.
  • Pet Owners should keep the environment clean and hygienic at all times. Pet Owners shall immediately clean up any faeces or urine their Pet(s) have deposited and shall provide their own sealed bags, containers and/or tools for proper waste disposal.
  • According to statutory requirement, Pet(s) are not allowed to enter restaurants or supermarkets. Offenders are liable to prosecution. (Except for guide dogs & dogs in connection with the exercise of a lawful power).
  • Pet Owners are solely responsible for any damage or injury caused by their Pet(s) to other persons or pets, the property of Cyberport, or any third party.
  • Pet Owners should fully and effectually indemnify Cyberport from and against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with any damage or injury caused by their Pet(s) and any such act, deed, matter or thing done or omitted as aforesaid and all costs and expenses in connection therewith.
  • The Cyberport is not liable to any Pet Owner or to any person or persons whomsoever whether claiming through, under or in trust for any Pet Owner or otherwise, for or in respect of any act, deed, matter or thing done or omitted in pursuance or purported pursuance of the above rules and regulations.
  • If the above guidelines are violated, or nuisance is caused to other visitors, Facilities Management staff reserves the right to request the Pet Owner(s) to leave Cyberport area with their pets.
  • In case of any dispute, Cyberport will reserve the right to make the final decision.


Spending HK$100
Enjoy 1 Hour of Free Parking

Spending HK$200
Enjoy 2 Hours of Free Parking

Night Park offer (effective on 1 Jul 2018)
Enjoy $8/hr during 8:00pm – 8:00am

Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is valid immediately until further notice.  This offer can be redeemed ONCE PER ENTRY.  A maximum of two hours of free parking is available per vehicle per visit.
  2. The free complimentary parking offer is only applicable at Car Park 1&2 and Car Park 3 at Cyberport 1, 2 &3.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
  3. Redemption for the complimentary parking offer must be made during the visit to Cyberport by presenting the corresponding Octopus cards or Credit cards at the designated Customer Service Counter at  the main entrance, Level 1,  The Arcade (Operating hours: 10am – 10pm), or at lift lobby,  Level 1, The Annex (Operating hours: 8am – 9pm) before leaving the car park.
  4. Only ONE single same-day valid and original machine-printed receipt issued by merchants in the Arcade and the Annex of Cyberport is accepted for redeeming the free parking.  Damaged, hand written, re-printed, credit card, EPS payment, Octopus added value and ATM bill payment receipt and receipt copies will not be accepted.
  5. Spending in banking services and currency exchange, purchases of any cash/gift vouchers, cash/gift cards and value-adding receipts from any merchants are NOT eligible.
  6. Receipts issued by event organizers, vendors or exhibitors are NOT eligible.
  7. Vehicles using credit card as payment method should depart within 15 minutes after payment or redemption whichever is earlier.
  8. Cyberport Facilities Management Office reserves the rights to terminate or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.  In case of any disputes, the decision of Cyberport Facilities Management Office shall be final.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

In keeping with the government's efforts to promote the greater use of electric vehicles, Cyberport launched its Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Level 2 of Car Park 1 & 2 to members of the public since February 2011.

Furthermore, Tesla Superchargers was also introduced since November 2014 to cater users of Tesla electric vehicles.

All the electric vehicle chargers are user friendly and take only a few hours to power charge electric vehicles, allowing drivers a convenient and eco-friendly charging solution.

The Arcade
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If you still don’t have a the Arcade account, you can apply the Cyberport Privilege Card now at the Customer Service Counter inside The Arcade, Cyberport, or complete the application form. Please call 3166 3111 for details.

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